On the left, the original 1996 vintage, and on the right, 2012.

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Russian River Valley

The Rose de Noir is the first sparkling that Guy has made since 1996, when we made a sparkling wine from a region called Limoux, in south western France. Inspired by this historic region, Guy created a sparkling wine to reflect the traditional style of the area.


The 2013 Rose de Noir is crafted from 100% Dutton Ranch Pinot Noir. After a long relationship working with the Dutton Family, Guy was able to secure a block of Pinot Noir that comes from an exceptionally cool spot on this already cool vineyard site. This is ideal for sparkling wine - the fruit has longer hang time, allowing for more "flavor days," when the fruit continues to develop in complexity without the sugar levels increasing too rapidly.


There are very few optimal vineyard sites on the planet that are ideal for producing sparkling wine, but after years of tenacity, Guy found the perfect spot, worthy of the Davis Family Vineyards label! Bright, beautiful & elegant, this sparkling will be sure to impress your friends and loved ones this holiday season. We can't think of a better way to celebrate!